• 4-Way Light Traffic Signal Controller

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    The T6 features:

      • A single control board 3 x 3 in.

      • Kit comes with 4 self-adhesive nylon mounting posts so 
        no drilling is required to install.

      • Socket mounted, 8 bit micro-controller

      • Adjustable cycle speed control from less than ten seconds to 
        over a minute per cycle.

      • Six - 120 VAC Triac output channels each capable of 
        150W max. incandescent load

      • Flash Mode jumper that will cause all four directions to flash in either of
        two modes; 4 Way- ALL RED flash or Red / Yellow alternate flash mode.

      • Operated directly from 120V AC line no external Power supply required.

      • Dual 4 position screw terminal strip for easy (AC) light connections.

      • Switch selectable Red light overlap delay of either 0 or 2 second.

      • Flash Mode Input forces the control into a flashing mode

      • Will operate 2, 3 or 4, Std 3 light signal heads. (A-B, A-A'-B, A-A'-B-B')


      Like our other controls it easily fits inside the case of your light.   With our new mounting system NO DRILLING  is required,  simply snap in the four nylon mounting posts,  peel off the protective tape and press against the inside back panel of your light.   Easy to follow wiring diagram and Installation instructions are included.  All you have to add is the Traffic Light and a basic power cord.

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